Installing Fedy (Fedora Utils)

I’ve discovered a really nice tool than can be very useful in a daily basis. I’m talking about Fedy, by satya164, an open source GitHub project.

Fedy (earlier knows as “Fedora Utils”) is the “Graphical Tweak” of Fedora. It simplifies many of the post install tasks. It’s basically a collection of scripts and customizable plugins wrapped around a nice GUI which  help you install fonts, codecs, flash, java, etc. It also cleans up your system, fixes some common issues, tweaks your desktop, etc.

Literally, as its creator said: “Fedora Utils lets you install codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn’t want to ship, like MP3 codecs, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java etc. It can also fix problems, tweak and cleanup your system, show system information and much more with just few clicks.”

New Installation

The installation process is quite simple. Just enter the following in your terminal followed by the root password.

su -c "curl -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"

Upgrading from FedoraUtils to Fedy

First you need to uninstall the fedoraultis from your system. For this, enter the following in your terminal followed by the root password.

sudo yum remove fedorautils

Then update the fedorautils repo.

sudo gedit /etc/yum.repos.d/fedorautils.repo

Delete everything in the file and add the following,

name=Fedora Utils

Save the file and install fedy by entering the following in the terminal.

sudo yum install fedy

I hope this will help a lot.